Our Team

Core Value - Teamwork
David Birkett – President & CEO
Mr. Birkett graduated in 1985 from the University of Waterloo with a Degree in Economics. Mr. Birkett was the President of Alton Natural Gas Storage LP. (from 2005 to 2015) and the President of AltaGas Natural Gas Storage Ltd. (from 2010 to 2015). Mr. Birkett was the President, CEO of Landis Energy Corporation, a publicly traded company until it was acquired by AltaGas Ltd. in 2010. From 2000 to 2014 Mr. Birkett served as a director of Moss Lake Gold Mines Ltd, a publicly traded company until it was acquired in 2014 by Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. He has over 30 years of experience in the areas of corporate development, management, construction, finance and exploration.

Don Matthews - Director
Colonel (Retired) MSM CD 1968-1998
During his career in the Royal Canadian Air Force Colonel Matthews flew over 3700 hours on jet aircrafts in Canada and in NATO Europe. He served in the Persian Gulf War in 1991, leading the Canadian F18 Squadron and flying 23 combat missions. He also served as the Commanding Officer of the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment and as the Canadian Commander with the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti 1995 –96. From 2005 to 2009 he was honoured to serve as the Honourary Colonel of 419 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron in Cold Lake.
Don is the President of Crosswind Consulting. He is the founder and immediate past President of the Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicles Systems and was also the startup President of Aviation Alberta. Today Don works as a volunteer in several community initiatives including Chair of the Air Force Museum Society of Alberta.
Honours and Awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Canadian Forces Decoration with clasp, the Gulf and Kuwait Medal, the Special Service Medal (NATO), the Canadian Peace Keeping Service Medal, UN Mission in Haiti Medal, the Canada 125 Medal, the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, the Kuwait Liberation Medal (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) and the US Army Commendation Medal

Alan Wood - Electronics & Electrical Eng.
Mr. Wood holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Sussex in England. Mr. Wood is a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers in England as well as the Western Canada Group of Chartered Engineers in Canada.

Mr. Wood has over 30 years’ experience in aviation related industry, beginning with his first appointment as a technician apprentice in 1980 with British Aerospace in the United Kingdom. Previous posts include Raytheon International in Canada and the Presidency of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia from 1993 to 2004, where he provided engineering technical support for the Riyadh Airport air traffic control system. Giving him a superior knowledge of aviation safety and security. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Wood has been working in an UAS environment and has been involved with the integration of new sensors and avionics into UAV platforms, lab testing, field flight testing, system trouble shooting, as well as UAV and sensor research and development, engine selection and testing, plus managing a busy development facility. In 2017 Alan was directly involved in over 350 UAV flights across Canada.

Curtis Mullen - Chief Technology Officer, P.Eng
Mr. Mullen is a professional engineer with extensive product development experience. He graduated with honours from UBC with a specialty in fluid dynamics. Since then, Mr. Mullen has acted in design and project management roles, which have included dPoint technologies, Stratus Aeronautics and BMW. During this time, he has invented and refined technologies that have resulted in several patents in his name. Many of these projects have been funded in part by grants including NSERC, IRAP, and the US Department of Energy to whom Curtis has been responsible for reporting. As Chief Technology Offices at Stratus Aeronautics, Mr. Mullen has led development of the fixed wing Resolute 25 & 50 platforms as well as iterations to the 6100 and 6200 multi rotor platforms Curtis is intimately familiar with the development cycle including conceptualization, design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. With the majority of his experience being in start-up environments, he is accustomed to financial constraints while completing these activities.

John Tanaka – Electrical Eng. & IT Specialist
Mr. Tanaka graduated from Carlton University as an Electrical Engineer. Mr. Tanaka was part of the technical team that developed, build and tested Stratus’ new hexa-copter. He’s been working as an IT Analyst/Systems Administrator, including IT consulting and has spent 12 years administrating computer networks including managing Information Technology at Wi-LAN Inc. for 8 years. Mr. Tanaka has worked with a variety of clients including high tech, construction, oil and gas and manufacturing. In 2017 John was directly involved in over 350 UAV flights across Canada.