Magnetometer Surveys

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Magnetometer Surveys

Stratus Aeronautics has been developing our magnetometer payload for several years. A magetometer is a geophysical instrument that measures the strength of Earth’s magnetic field. Geologic features and metal objects can alter the local magnetic field. These changes can be measured by conducting an airborne survey and can be identified on a map.

Magnetometers have been used around the world to locate valuable resources such as iron, gold, diamonds and petroleum. They are also used to locate unexploded ordinance and buried metallic objects such as steel pipes.

What the industry is saying about Stratus Aeronautics Surveys

Kit Campbell, Geophysicist
“This is very good data, e.g., “for comparison a recent helicopter survey in the South American using a stinger system …the rawmag channel yields a normalized 4th difference of 0.135 nT (compare this to Stratus’s comparable magnetometer channel’s 4th difference of 0.022 nT). Compensation in the case of the UAV is of course passive, with much less metallic objects present to induce noise in the final data. Tieline levelling, decorrugation and micro levelling result in a polished and fully acceptable product."

Troy Gill, Geologist Sanatana Resources Inc
“A really cost-efficient method to acquire prospect scale magnetic data, quicker than ground mag, without the hassle and environmental impact of cutting lines. Their multirotor UAV platform is quite unique and capable of collecting high quality data. These guys are right there on the ground with everything they need to attend to any issues easily and that makes the system very mobile and versatile.

Ron Joly, Geophysical tech
“Data looks really good, probably will need some micro leveling at some point if seeking absolute perfection, although honestly the data is clean enough without leveling. I was surprised that surveying in such a tight grid pattern helped define the subtle magnetic features, giving perhaps a more accurate portrayal of these very subtle anomalies.”

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Minimal Noise

Stratus Aeronautics has been able to achieve better than industry standard noise levels in our raw magnetic data.

The picture above is a 4th difference plot from one of our commercial surveys.

Diverse conditions

Stratus Aeronautics has a number of UAV platforms which allows us to fly in a variety of weather conditions.

Remote Locations

Remote locations are not a problem for our UAVs or our team.