Aerial Surveys

Bird's Eye Views

Aerial Surveys

Stratus Aeronautics is able to carry a variety of payloads, we are continuing to develop platforms to expand our capabilities.

Aerial Photography

Stratus Aeronautics has developed a high definition aerial photography payload. The sensor is a 16 megapixel industrial camera that is mounted inside the UAV. The camera is controlled by an onboard computer and software developed by Stratus Aeronautics.

Aerial photography is nothing new, what we offer has some advantages over conventional photography. We can produce a high resolution geo-referenced mosaic. That means we stitch a large number of photos together to produce one large photo. In addition each pixel on the final photo corresponds to a real world coordinate. When our final product is used with GIS software you can identify the exact location of what you see in the aerial photos.


Stratus has been working on the LiDAR payload for about a year. LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is the latest technology in terrain mapping. It can produce extremely high definition DEM maps as well as 3D images of buildings and other objects.

InfraRed Imagery

Stratus is working on airborne Infrared imagery.